Technical glitch moves online check for laptop instructors, re-exam to be held

CHENNAI: The first-ever online test for laptop instructors in government faculties, performed by the Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) on Sunday, was marred using server problems. The exam became behind schedule in numerous places, including Sivaganga, Salem, Nagapattinam, Madurai, and Tirunelveli. TRB has introduced that it might re-examine candidates who could no longer sit for the exam and for people who couldn’t complete the test due to technical glitches. TRB has stated that the re-exam date and time will be sent via SMS to the candidates. Based on this test, the board will select 816 pc teachers for government faculties in Tamil Nadu. The check has not been conducted at KSR College of Engineering in Tiruchengode in Namakkal district due to server issues.

Technical glitch moves online check for laptop instructors, re-exam to be held 1

“Officials assured us that the examination would be performed inside the afternoon; however, while we again in the afternoon, they started the examination at the center has been postponed,” stated Kothandapani, a candidate from the center. Engineering faculties were mostly selected as exam centers. In the Sivaganga district, many candidates were disregarded from the list, and they couldn’t take the examination. The exam went smoothly in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Vellore, and other communities. G M Shankar, who took the test at St Joseph Engineering College in Old Mamallapuram near Chennai, said the computer-based check became smooth. “But the questions have been twisted and hard to reply,” he said.

The test had one hundred thirty questions about computer technological know-how and ten on psychology and widespread information. Many candidates demanded a copy of answers to ensure transparency. “In a few preceding checks, TRB provided a replica of the solution script to ensure transparency. For this check, it wasn’t given. They ought to email the answers to the candidates after the examination is over like they do for NET and banking checks,” said M Prabha, a candidate from Vellore. Officials said the exam was conducted in 18 of 26 districts without a hitch. “About 25,000 of the 30,000 candidates finished the exam. In eight districts, we had a few technical glitches,” officers said. In destiny, the board will make all efforts to prevent such troubles,” stated an official involved in taking a look. NSEIT, a subsidiary of India Limited’s National Stock Exchange, is interested in conducting the PC-primarily based online check.


Two of the seven test dams across the Palar River in the Kancheepuram district would be geared up to get hold of and shop water via July cease. The test dams are the primary ones to be built across the Palar in the last 161 years; the son Anaicut was constructed across the river in Thirumalaichery village in Vellore. The Anaicut was made to divert water to the Kaveripakkam tank and surrounding regions. Nearly 80% of the check dams’ construction paintings throughout the river at Valayur and Eur Vallipuram in the Kancheepuram district have been finished. While the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) funded the Rs 32.50 crore check dam task at Valayur, which’s 1.5 km from the seaside, the check dam at Eur Vallipuram turned into delivered below NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and constructed for Rs 30.95 crore.

The mission, scheduled to be completed within a year, began mid-February. The authorities, however, expedited the construction and finished it in a record time of six months. “The take a look at dams would be completed by way of the stop of July. The structure will receive and save the rainwater from the following monsoon,” stated the general Public Works Department (PWD) senior legitimate. The test dams had been designed to harness 9.57 million liters (MLD) of water and supply it to IGCAR and surrounding villages. “The structures would hold water up to three to five km upstream and rejuvenate the aquifers for a radius of 5.5km. There might be enough water for each irrigation and drinking purpose within the future,” said the legit. The projects were conceived as a part of a scheme to mitigate floods and drought.

The authorities stated they had proposed five greater initiatives upstream of the river as crucial and semi-vital groundwater zones along the route to faucet the surface and subfloor water to balance the deficit within the surrounding regions. “We are waiting for the investment to take in 5 more check dams,” said some other reputable The tasks also are geared toward improving consuming water delivery schemes to Chennai’s outer edge and concrete areas, south Chennai metropolitan regions, and surrounding villages, besides feeding the irrigation tanks and water our bodies in Kancheepuram district.

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