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Inside Higher Ed Jobs – The Most Promising Careers in Higher Education

The most promising careers in higher education blend technical expertise with academic knowledge and ability. Professors can help students learn skills needed for the job market and vice versa. Here are some of the most promising jobs.

In higher education, the landscape is changing rapidly. More and more colleges are hiring full-time employees, and they need people to help them meet their goals.

Colleges are searching for leaders, experts, innovators, and visionaries who will help shape the future of higher education. These are the kind of people who organizations like Inside Higher Ed hire.

Inside Higher Ed has compiled a list of the ten most promising careers in higher education. There are so many great opportunities that narrowing down to just 10 was hard.

The new year is just around the corner, which means another unique opportunity to find a great higher-education job. We know the higher ed job market can be challenging, and we want to help you navigate it. As we move into 2018, we look back at the highest-ranking careers in higher education for 2017 and what those trends may mean going forward. We have also added some exciting new directions that might interest you. Challenging, academic Jobs – Inside Higher Ed, you’re an educator looking to make a career move; consider the following options.

Inside Higher Ed Jobs

How to land a job in academic jobs

Here are the top positions to consider for a career move.

Head of School

Director of College Relationships

Dean of Students

Assistant Dean of Student Life

Dean of Graduate Studies

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Dean of Research

Dean of Research & Technology

Vice President of Student Affairs

Vice President of Student Life

Vice President of Communications

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Campus Recruiting

Vice President of Information Technology

Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Vice President of Legal Services

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Vice President of Mission Advancement

Vice President of Policy

Vice President of Public Relations

Vice President of Student Life

Vice President of Student Affairs

Vice President of Student Services

Vice President of University Advancement

Inside Higher Ed Jobs

Career Jobs – Inside Higher Ed Jobs

We have the details you need to seek a higher education job! Higher Ed Jobs The higher education industry is growing at a rapid pace. If you are looking for a new career opportunity, you may be interested in exploring jobs at the university level. You can find a wide range of career opportunities for individuals with an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in higher education administration. The Higher Education Careers page offers several options, from faculty positions to administrative roles.

Whether you’re looking for jobs in academia, research, journalism, marketing, or any other field, we’ve got the information you need to get started.

Student Jobs – Inside Higher Ed Jobs

Higher education is revolutionizing as traditional universities move from a largely student-centered model to a more business-like structure.

The demand for staff is high, and Inside Higher Ed is hiring for all positions, from administrative assistants to program managers.

Here are the best jobs at Inside Higher Ed.

Inside Higher Ed has compiled a list of the best jobs in higher education. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather a snapshot of the positions that will impact higher education most in the coming years. The list is organized by field and department, with categories including academic administrators, academic support staff, faculty members, and instructional designers and developers. Consider this list of top schools for schools if you’re looking for Higher education Jobs.

At the beginning of every year, Inside Higher Ed (IHE) surveys the top colleges and universities in the United States, asking them about their hiring priorities.

In this article, we’ll look at the job trends 2017 and how those trends affect the hiring strategies of colleges and universities across the country.

What is the future of higher education? According to a recent article by the Chronicle of Higher Education, “the most significant development for higher education over the next decade will be the emergence of a postsecondary system that provides higher-quality education for more students at a lower cost.” This new education model is called “degrees on demand” and “massive online open courses.

Frequently asked questions about inside higher education jobs

Q: What’s it like working in an office?

A: Working in an office is similar to working in any other industry. I work with an incredible team of extremely kind and friendly people. I’m not used to this schedule, but I have adapted quickly.

Q: How has your career impacted your life?

A: My career has allowed me to learn a new skill, which has made me feel more accomplished.

Q: Is there anything you wish people knew about being a student worker?

A: I wish people knew you do not have to sacrifice time with your family to make money. You can make enough money as a student worker to pay for your school.

Top Myths about Inside Higher Ed Jobs

  1. Higher ed is a bad job
  2. Higher ed is a dead-end job
  3. Higher ed will be outsourced
  4. I am not sure how I got into higher ed


You might think, “Wait, what is higher education?“. Well, you’re not alone. But let me explain.

Higher education is any school that teaches people to be teachers, professors, engineers, doctors, nurses, etc. This includes the College of New Rochelle, New York University, Princeton University, the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley, etc.

The truth is higher education is one of the most promising career paths in America right now.

Higher education has seen massive growth in the last few decades. While many of us might remember when colleges were more focused on producing college graduates, we mustn’t forget that there are now over 2,000 colleges and universities in the US alone.

While this rapid growth hasn’t necessarily translated into higher job prospects, it’s created a huge demand for qualified people.

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