How to Become a Real Estate Agent: Earning a License in Florida

Figuring out how to become a real estate agent can be intimidating, but simple steps can make the process clearer. The number of licensed realtors in Florida has nearly tripled to 180,000 since 2000. What’s stopping you from joining them? Here are the requirements and your next steps to tackling getting licensed.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

Becoming a real estate agent in Florida does require passing either the Florida Real Estate Agent Exam or the Florida Real Estate Law Exam. Both exams require a 75% grade to pass. However, not everyone qualifies to take these exams. In addition to passing these exams, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent GED. There are also certain course and background restrictions for qualifying.

Florida Real Estate License Course

Course and Age Restrictions

You must complete a pre-licensing course approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) before you can take one of the Florida agent exams. The system must be equivalent to 63 hours as well. For example, this Florida Real Estate License Course satisfies the 63-hour Sales Associate licensing requirement to apply for Florida’s real estate exam. Additionally, this course is completely online and convenient for many lifestyles.

In addition to the pre-exam course, you must submit an application and fingerprints to the state. This will allow the state to run a background check. After passing one of the agent exams, you must complete a sales associate or broker sales associate form to activate your real estate license. Finally, you must complete an additional course before your initial permit expires. This is a post-licensing sales associate course consisting of 45 hours. This course must also be FREC-approved.

Determining if You Need a Real Estate License

If you intend to pursue being a real estate agent full-time, you will need a license to operate legally in Florida. But what if you’re looking to perform real estate services part-time? According to Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation, you must attain a real estate license if you perform real estate services for compensation. You might be in a grey area if you are helping friends and family without compensation.

However, compensation includes both monetary and tangible goods. Potential clients are also unlikely to be open to working with an unlicensed individual for real estate services. Real estate license courses will also properly train you about property, taxes, and sales standards. This can help you clarify your goals concerning your potential new career in real estate.

Launching Your Real Estate Career Today

While there are many steps to getting licensed as a real estate agent in Florida, doing so can offer many benefits. According to 3,200 reported incomes, the average yearly salary for a real estate agent in Florida is $86,445.
Stop asking how to become a real estate agent and take the first step by enrolling in a licensing course today. Ready to learn more about career advancements and training? Read more on our website.

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