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How to gain 20 logbook hours and driving confidence

The NSW Safer Drivers course was designed with learner drivers in mind. It’s viewed as an essential government public service from which everyone can benefit. So invite your friends, get ready to learn some strategies for better driving, and earn 20 logbook hours.

What is the Safer Drivers Course?

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The Safer Drivers course is a course with both theory and practical elements. It’s aimed at preparing learner drivers to tackle driving risks, practice safe driving techniques, and make the right decisions while going. The course is educational and exciting. The RMS approves all selected driving schools to provide the system in NSW for learner drivers.

Safer Drivers Course Requirements

To qualify, you must be under 25 years old. Research shows drivers under 25 are at higher risk of a severe accident. The Safer Drivers course aims to lower the risk by teaching younger drivers the skills to drive safely, follow the rules, and anticipate potentially hazardous situations.

In addition to being under 25, you must have completed your learners’ license and a minimum of 50 logbook hours, excluding the 3 1 bonus hours. If you meet the requirements, go to the online booking system or contact a team member at (02) 8748 4500. The team members are amicable and helpful, so don’t hesitate.

Course Breakdown

The course works perfectly with the NSW learner logbook system. There are two modules in the study. The first module is theory-focused, and the second is practical-based. Let’s break it down further:

Module One:

During the first module, interactive peer group discussions will encourage learners to take on safer driving behaviors. Group sessions are facilitated by trainers who are passionate about teaching. The trainers point learners towards safer driving strategies and teach them to minimize risk in the driver’s seat. Some topics for discussion include hazard and speed management and external and internal influences following distance and gap selection. There are typically 6-12 participants, lasting for three hours.

Module Two:

Once the theory is down, you can practice what you preach. So buckle up for a two-hour coaching session on the road. There are two learner drivers and one driver coach. The coach will instruct learners on how to avoid common crash types on NSW roads. Each participant gets several chances to drive on set routes. These routes show you how to respond to hazards, check your compass and more.

Safer Drivers Course Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of how to reduce crash risk
  • Learn how to drive in challenging contexts, such as nighttime driving
  • 20 logbook hours
  • Become a safe P-plate driver
  • Learn firsthand from experienced drivers
  • Understand low-risk driving techniques

Where is the Course Offered?

The Safer Drivers Course is offered across the Sydney region in Bondi Junction and Brookvale and across Regional NSW in Albury and Ballina. It’s provided on more than 30 different sites. For a full list, check out their website or contact a team member to determine if it’s available near you.


Is it safe during the pandemic?

All venues have COVID-19 safety plans and are following hygiene protocols.

Who is the course provider?

It’s accredited by Transport for NSW.

What do I get after the course?

You get 20 logbook hours.

Does the course replace driving lessons?

No. The lessons are not on car control but more advanced driving skills.

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