Qualities Of An Exceptional Driver Not Taught in Schools

There are so many things that we get taught in school and a chunk of loads of more we possess all by ourselves. The everyday act of driving requires many of these self-taught lessons besides those we can acquire from LTrent Driving Lessons. Just imagine getting stuck by the side of the road with a flat tire; you have no spare tire, tools, or knowledge to do anything about your situation. Don’t you think you might have done better in this situation? Some of those self-taught qualities and behaviors are to be highlighted below.


Read on to find out which they are and which you possess. The more you have, the better.


The number one attribute you must have as a good driver is patience. You must be patient with other drivers and with typical road events like traffic jams. There is only much you can do, and that is controlling your car. You will not encounter road rage and not take other people’s road rage outbursts to heart when you understand that. You will then drive in the right mind and right attitude.


A good driver is a cautious person who looks at all eventualities in their actions before getting to do it. Things like crossing the red light may seem like an achievement, but it may leave so much damage in your rare mirror. That said, consciousness goes in to protect not only you but all other road users as well.


Having the will to let another driver have way whenever you can is one of the qualities a great driver must have. Courtesy means that you are willing to let someone enjoy the privilege you have—such as having another person take your parking space or giving way in a traffic jam. These small gestures go a long way, and if you are courteous, you, too, get excuses from other drivers on the road.


A great driver must be responsible for understanding that their actions might very well affect other road users. And this covers everyone around them. For instance, a driver has a social responsibility to park their car in designated areas; parking in front of gates and businesses can be disadvantaging the businesses. They have a personal commitment to drive safely and switch lanes by indicating and mostly caring for the car to protect the environment. Such a character is something you will be told in school but should be inbuilt in you.


When it comes to matters of the road, you might not be the one on the wrong, but someone else. And what might save you is staying alert throughout your drive and watching how different drivers use the road. If you observe one driver on the road is a bit reckless switching lanes without indicating, keep your distance. Alertness calls that you use all the mirrors as eyes to check all sides of your car.


The best drivers on the road know their way around an obstacle, which may sometimes be a traffic jam. Look for alternative routes that will have you avoiding the traffic jam, which saves you both time and fuel. Be willing to try new trails and find out where they lead. On yet another front of being knowledgeable is taking the initiative to find out fundamental things about cars. These are things like changing a tire to sorting out real engine issues like overheating and oil refilling. You may get a bit more by learning how to take care of your car correctly and so much more.

Self -sufficient

Being self-sufficient will borrow a bit from the knowledgable bit. Being autonomous means that you can do something related to your car without necessarily needing help. As aforementioned, things like changing a tire. Ensure you learn all you need to know about changing a tire and practice in your free time because that is how you get better. Being self-sufficient also means having the tools required to carry out essential servicing for the car like a spare tire, tools to change the tire, bolts, jumpstart cables, and so much more.


Being proactive means doing things without being forced to or reminded to do them. If you change the tire and the spare needs a fix, take it for servicing as soon as you remove it from the wheel. Take the car for a wash, fix the cracked taillight, and replace the broken wipers. When done early enough, these small fixes save you a lot of money in repair and replacements.


A good driver must also be very organized. Driving in a messy car can be a bit disorienting since you are in constant turmoil trying to remember where your pen is; for instance—being organized means having only what you need in your car. If you must have a change of clothes in your car, have a maximum of two sets, anything more is too much. The organization also entails making sure your car insurance and servicing schedules are up to par. Keeping these records and making sure they are done in time will save you many issues ahead.

Take away

In conclusion, we can say that being a good driver takes more than just passing the driving test to get a license. It goes beyond that and extends to who you are as a person. And as seen above, each of the characteristics mentioned above is conscious decisions you make every day. No one is born responsible or organized; they learn to do that, and how they do it is by practicing it every passing day. So while you drive your dream car, be sure to be patient, cautious, alert, courteous, knowledgeable, proactive, self-sufficient, and organize,d and you will realize a significant shift in your driving experience. And most of all, you will be in a better position to ensure both your safety and other road users you share this resource with.

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