Internships 2019: How to use for an internship with the Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs gives internships for 12 months. The internship program provides an outstanding possibility for pupils to recognize the formula of foreign coverage and its implementation with India’s aid.

Interns will get to work under the supervision of the involved Head of Division (HOD) or Head of Mission (HOM)/Head of Post (HOP). They may be required to conduct behavior research, write reports, analyze evolving trends, or perform any other undertaking entrusted to them with the HOD/HOM/HOP aid. Interns might be required to work from within the Ministry’s premises. Necessary logistical support can be furnished to interns, considering the purposeful requirements. No monetary remuneration shall be paid to the interns. The internship program shall neither be employment nor guarantee any work with the Ministry.

1. The candidate ought to be inside the final 12 months of an undergraduate direction or possess a graduate degree before the graduation of the internship. Preference may be given to candidates with first-rate instructional tune files from institutions of repute, credible suggestions from schools who’ve taught/guided them within and beyond, and additionally to research students.

2. An intern must have no longer attained 30 years at the software date.

3. The internship program for MEA Headquarters is open for Indian residents most effectively. Interested Indian residents, OCI cardholders, and overseas nationals may also practice internships in Indian Missions and Posts overseas.

4. An intern may be required to work simplest on-site (i.e., E. Inside premises of Ministry/ Missions/Posts). The off-site internship isn’t always available at Headquarters/Missions/Posts.

About the Internship program:

The internship program at headquarters consists of an attachment with one of the Divisions in the Ministry. Also, the program shall include a briefing session with the Administration Division on the structure and functioning of the Ministry. A certificate could be issued using the Administration Division primarily based on the recommendation of the Head of Division. The interns may publish a file on their internship’s finishing touch to the Head of Division/Mission/Post. The intern can also publish their views and feedback to the worried Head of Division/Mission/Post at the internship program. The applicant can be informed of the start of their internship upon selection. Once decided on, the training shall be for one to six months. In outstanding cases, an extension may be granted on a case-to-case basis for the intern at MEA Headquarters only.

How to use:

Download the Proforma for the application right here. The programs can be sent to the workplace of the Joint Secretary (Administration) via registered/speed submission at the following address:

  • Joint Secretary (Administration)
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Room No.149 A, South Block
  • New Delhi – 110011.

A strengthened copy of the application with attachments can be despatched by e-mail to jsad@mea.Gov.In and usfsp@mea.Gov.In. Query, if any, may be addressed to the Under Secretary (FSP) at usfsp@mea.Gov.In with a duplicate to jsad@mea.Gov.In. Applications duly stuffed in and complete in all admire with required documents must arrive at least four months before the internship’s commencement.

Check to list:

1. Duly fill in the Application Form.
2. Copy three documentary proofs of identification, which might also encompass the reproduction of a Passport/Aadhar Card/Voter ID/PAN Card/Driving License/Ration Card; in the case of Indian nationals, Passport, OCI card, and National Identity Card OCI cardholders.
3. Curriculum Vitae.
4. Introduction letter from the Head of the Institution on the reliable stationery where the applicant studied/analyzed.
5. No objection certificates from the University/Institution if the internship is to be pursued in parallel with an ongoing path.
6. Self-attested certificates and transcripts for all the accomplishments stated in Paras 8, 9, and 13 of the Application Form (educational qualifications, modern courses being pursued, and tasks undertaken).

Selection manner:

All programs will be scrutinized inside the Ministry through a Selection Committee, and intimation will be sent to chosen applicants. The Selection Committee may also conduct a personal interplay with the applicant and verify original documents. The Selection Committee’s decision will be very last and binding, and no queries shall be entertained after the entirety of the selection system. Applicants are counseled to apply at least four months before the intended start date of the internship. Approximately thirty interns may be engaged using the Ministry at a given time. Up to two interns can be employed using Missions/Posts overseas. The Ministry/Mission/Post might also terminate the intern’s engagement at any point without giving any cause, as the Ministry deems it in shape. The Ministry’s selection will be very last in this regard. Interns can leave the program if they meet goals, giving prior observation of 1 week to the Ministry.

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