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What Makes a Great Resume? This Is What You Need to Know

Applying for jobs is easy these days. You head online, visit a job board, click a few buttons, and voila- you’ve officially applied! However, the tricky part is submitting an application that actually lands you an interview. Indeed, almost 120 people apply for any given job opening, yet just 20% get interviewed. The best way to ensure you secure your spot? Write a high-class resume that grabs the employer’s attention. Wants some tips on how to do it? Keep reading to learn exactly what makes a great resume.



It’s crucial to tailor your resume to the specific job for which you’re applying. This makes it relevant and thereby far more interesting to the employer. A good place to start is by addressing what you read in the ad. Detail how your individual skills, qualifications, and experience make you a good fit for the job description/person specification. Tell the employer why you’d be good at the job and back it up with evidence.


What’s rule number one of writing a resume? Don’t lie! Forget what your friend’s been whispering in your ear; fabricating your skills and experiences is sure to backfire. If it doesn’t become clear that you lied in the interview, it will do when you begin the position. That’s the last thing you need when looking to build relationships and acquire positive references for future roles. Choose your path and focus on being accurate instead; sell your personal qualities without moving over into fiction.

Absence of Mistakes

There’s nothing like errors on your resume to lead to a swift rejection. Remember: employers get hundreds of applications for positions they try to fill. With so many to go through, they look for quick ways to separate the good from the bad and cull how many they have to consider. In other words: they’re hunting for excuses to throw your CV onto the ‘no’ pile. Keep that in mind and triple-check for mistakes before you hit the ‘submit button. This is especially important for uber-competitive roles where countless people are sure to apply.


Don’t waffle. Everything on your resume should be succinct, to the point, and worthy of its spot. Succeed in this regard, and you’ll benefit in two ways: First, you’ll keep the employer’s attention. Second, you’ll come across as far more professional. And third, you’ll be able to incorporate all of your attributes without waffling on page after page.

What Makes a Great Resume? Now You Know!

There’s no room for weak resumes in today’s competitive job market. For a shot at success, applicants must submit high-quality applications that demonstrate their aptitude and fit for the role. Alas, knowing how to write such a CV isn’t easy! Hopefully, though, this post will have helped anybody who has been wondering what makes a great resume. Keep this information in mind, and you should be one step closer to securing an interview for your dream job. Want to read more articles like this one? Browse the ‘Career Tips’ section of the website now.

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