What is the Average Teacher Salary in Arizona?

The average teacher salary in Arizona is $65,000 per year. However, the average teacher salary in Phoenix and Tucson is $62,000 annually. This is based on 2014 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Teachers in Arizona are paid around $51K per year and get a bonus of $1,200 to $1,500 if they work for a school district or charter organization.

As a teacher, there’s a lot of pressure to get the job done, but not enough time. As you might know, teachers don’t make enough money to keep their families afloat.

Today, Arizona’s average teacher salary is $50,000 a year.

This means that many teachers are struggling to pay their bills and provide for their families.

But what if they didn’t have to work at all?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend more time with your family instead of worrying about paying your bills?

If you’re considering quitting your teaching job and entering another career, you must understand how much money you’d be making to determine whether it’s worth it.

Teachers have a lot on their plates, so it’s no surprise that they often struggle to balance work and home life. To make matters more complicated, many teachers who work in public schools often have to juggle multiple roles at once, including classroom teacher, school counselor, and community advocate.

Average Teacher

Average Teacher Salary in Arizona

So, how much does a teacher earn in Arizona?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding average teacher salaries across the United States. Teachers have long complained that they aren’t paid enough to live on, and many have found ways to supplement their income by teaching online classes.

However, teachers are still often paid less than other professionals. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse makes more than $57,000 annually.

A teacher earns about $40,000 per year on average. This figure is lower than the national average but higher than the average teacher salary in most states.

Arizona is no exception. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an elementary school teacher in Arizona makes an average of $48,200 per year.

Average teacher salary in Chandler, AZ

If yyou’relooking for a way to earn more money, consider joining a local teaching community.

Teaching communities are groups of local teachers who meet in person to share and learn from each other.

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  1. Flexible work schedule
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  8. Community

Teacher Salary by Education Level

While the median teacher salary in Arizona is $45,000, the compensation for teachers varies based on their education level.

High school teachers make the least, at $32,000, while elementary teachers make the most, at $59,000.

Middle school teachers occupy the middle ground and make $37,500.

High school teachers often work two jobs to make ends meet, as they have a lot of responsibility and little time.

Middle school teachers are often overworked because of the increased workload, while elementary teachers often have a lot of students under their wings.

High and middle school teachers can expect to work 30–35 hours a week and spend the remaining time with family.

Teacher Salary by Experience

Teacher salaries vary greatly depending on what district you teach in. The average teacher salary in Arizona is $55,000 per year.

It’s no secret that teachers are underpaid and underappreciated. But it’s not always that way.

For example, Arizona is ranked 10th in the nation for teacher salaries.

To help you determine how much you should be paid as a teacher in Arizona, let’s look at teacher salaries by experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average teacher salary in Arizona increases by nearly $10,000 every five years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teacher Salary in Arizona.

Q: What’s the average salary for an elementary teacher?

A: The average salary is $47,000-$55,000.

Q: Is the pay the same for all grades?

A: No, the pay increases with each grade.

Q: How does a teacher apply for their teaching job?

A: Teachers go through an interview process for their jobs. They are usually tested on certain areas of knowledge and skills.

Q: Is the cost of living in Arizona expensive?

A: It’s not as expensive as other states like California or New York, but it’s still pretty pricey compared to the Midwest.

Q: How can I get a better job or increase my pay?

A: To get a better job, you need to be willing to relocate if required. Other factors affect your pay, including experience and whether you have certification or not.

Top Myths about Teacher Salary in Arizona

  1. Teachers don’t make much money in Arizona.
  2. Teachers in Arizona get paid more than teachers in other states.
  3. Teachers in Arizona have to pay a lot of taxes.


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