The Top 10 Writers On Patreon In 2019

The crowdfunding club platform Patreon has helped tens of lots of creators incomes a dwelling, or at least supplement one because it was founding in 2013. The website has eight 792 creators in the Writing category with one or more supporters. Is the provider an excellent suit for authors and writers looking for some other revenue flow?
Creators cannot construct a following on Patreon itself and anticipate drawing any fans; They want to have already an audience that they can intention at their Patreon web page. As a result of the truth that Patreon isn’t always a vast social network using itself, it can be smooth to be blind to entirely successful creators at the site. But thanks to a third-birthday celebration web page, Graphtreon, we can inform which creators stand in which.

Since 2015, Graphtreon has been collecting large amounts of records (over 300 million statistics points for the time being) as a way to discover developments on how nicely each marketing campaign has been doing through the years, as well as which creators are incomes the most in line with month in any given category. Granted, many creators don’t make their genuine income public. However, we will see how many patrons aid every. With the first half of 2019 formally in the rearview reflect, I figured I’d take a look at the most significant hit authors Patreon has produced. Here are the top 10 creators within the “Writing” category with the most patrons, according to Patreon records collected by using Graphtreon on June 28, 2019.

Brandon Stanton — The photographer at the back of “Humans of New York” has the most patrons inside the Writing class by using some distance, with 22,729. For attitude, it’s over 19,000 greater patrons than anybody else on this list. Given that his lowest support tier is $1.50, consistent with the month, he is in all likelihood making a minimum of $34,086 per month. Wait But Why — This weblog has three,331 patrons and is probably earning around $10,000 a month, even though the patrons had been dropping off considering that July 2017, when they numbered around 4,700. JulioNIB — This account creates online game mods for Grand Theft Auto V, which particularly looks like a stretch for the “Writing” class, but I bet coding qualifies. As a collection, gamers will always have plenty of disposable income, and this account’s 2,970 patrons are subscribing at degrees that start at $5, consistent with the month.

Seanan McGuire — This prolific creator is a John W. Campbell Award winner and New York Times Bestseller, with a five-ebook-a-yr-dependancy. According to the quick tale she writes, she’s also the first of the pinnacle Patreon writers to screen her genuine income: $10,602 formally. Given her 2,560 patrons, that’s a median of $four.14 per Patreon, according to the story. Kihara — This creator runs a log website online for World of Warcraft to present users with “unique fight evaluation” they can use to enhance their gameplay. Two thousand two hundred sixty-eight patrons provide an undisclosed amount in step with the month it is probably around $7,000, even though the servers cost over $five 000 in keeping with month to keep, in keeping with the writer’s Patreon web page.

Deadly Boss Mods — This is some other gaming-centric author, supported using 2,124 patrons. The developer creates World of Warcraft mods. Pirateaba — The author, who is at the back of an ongoing web-serialized novel that updates each Tuesday and Saturday, earns $8,499 in step with month from 1,727 patrons. Each chapter is around 10,000 words, which comes out to a whopping 80,000 phrases every month. Gina Häußge — The founder and essential developer of popular 3-d printing software program OctoPrint offers the service unfastened as an Open Source Software, but 1,635 grateful buyers deliver her $6,087 in line with month for you to permit her to preserve supporting and developing it. Captain Awkward — This online advice column is unfastened to study. It is supported via 1,559 customers who can get entry to additional updates and idea brainstorms due to their pledge. N.K. Jemisin — This author is a Nebula Award winner, -time Locus Award winner, and the first writer to win three exceptional novel Hugos in a row. She earns $five 311 per month from 1,457 buyers.

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