Child Education

Quality, inclusive & secure education for every child burdened

Bhubaneswar: Participants at a countrywide session on the Draft National Education Policy 2019 harassed exceptional, inclusive, and safe education for each baby. The Consultation at Bhubaneswar today ended with a clarion call to the Government of India that specializes in the child’s general well-being and upholds all rights because of them. The Consultation organized using the National Action and Coordination Group for Ending Violence Against Children, India (NACG India) in affiliation with PECUC was inaugurated via Professor Mohammad Fakiruddin, Former Vice Chairman of CHSE.

Niranjan Sahoo, IAS, Director of Higher Education and Labour Commissioner, additionally spoke on the outlet consultation. The inaugural Consultation was chaired by Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Chairperson of NACG India & Mr. D. Roshan Kumar, Vice-Chairperson, gave a vote of thanks. Experts on the Child Rights and Education sector throughout the United States took part in the deliberations. Dr. Amiya Kuma Mohanty, Former Additional Director, Higher Education, Odisha & National Convenor of Joint Forum for Motion on Education; Ambarish Rai, National Convenor, RTE Forum; P. Victor Raj, National Convenor, CACL, Y. Rajendra Prashad, Coordinator, MV Foundation and Razia Ismail of the India Alliance for Child Rights deliberated at the Draft National Education Policy 2019.

The various nuances of the coverage were discussed in the plenary. In the second plenary on Addressing the Safety and Security of Children in Schools Inside New Education Policy, the discussants highlighted the need for measures to guarantee overall protection and safety in the schooling system. Kasturi Mohapatra, Former Chairperson, OSCPCR; Sanjay Misra, Former Member, Jharkhand SCPCR; Dr. P.C. Mohapatra, Former Director, SCERT, Ruby Rout, Country Director, Adoptions Centrum, and Suryakant Kulkarni, Former member of the Maharastra SCPCR made their presentation on the need for strengthening this thing in the new Education Policy.

Parallel classes on School Education led by way of Dr. Chiranjeeb Kakoty, Higher Education taught by Prof Mohammad Fakiruddin and Manabendra Nath Mandal, Technology in Education, Vocational Education led by Bibekananda Das and Anil Pradhan, and Transforming Education led with the aid of C.J. Ge. RubyRuby Rout got here with particular recommendations for forwarding to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India.

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