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Online University WGU’s Strategy For Fraud-Free Test-Taking

Online universities have become common as more fabulous students seek handy, flexible methods to earn tiers. They are especially popular among nontraditional college students, like new mothers and fathers who want to take training at their very own tempo or full-time experts who want to take night publications to boost their careers. Western Governors University (WGU), a nonprofit online college based totally in Salt Lake City, was founded in 1997 through 19 governors of western U.S. States to create professional personnel. The university now serves folks that need to take online classes, grading them with a competency-based system that calls for them to demonstrate they have found out the required substances. But how do educators make sure college students are not dishonest in their methods to degrees if all lessons and assessments are conducted remotely? Maureen O’Brien, WGU’s director of assessment administration, recently instructed PYMNTS on how the university verifies its students and the way it balances the need for authentication simply of use.

Trust, But Verify

One of the most critical training-related fraud varieties is as simple as it is standard: college students sending someone else to take exams for them. This type of fraud performed a massive function on this 12 months’ broadly publicized college admission scandal. Wealthy dad and mom benefited from lax authentication tactics and paid surrogates up to $ seventy-five 000 to take university admission tests for their children. This problem is exacerbated in an internet surrounding, in which identity methods can’t be bodily checked using personnel.

WGU uses several techniques to make sure take a look at-takers are who they say they are. “To get into the checking out, they log in with their signal-on credentials, [including] their particular user ID and password,” O’Brien stated. “They have to show a central authority-issued photograph ID [to a proctor on a webcam], and the call has to match the call within the student account.” Students can quickly provide those records to accomplices, however, which means similarly verification measures are necessary. WGU used to depend on keystroke biometrics, which affirms users by studying typing styles and cross-referencing them with students’ gathered statistics. O’Brien said that this application had many flaws and did not match the college’s desires, ensuing in its termination.

“We were given a variety of false positives because it turned out human beings typing after they’re now not harassed [exhibit] extraordinary conduct from when they’re careworn,” she said. The university started out utilizing a webcam-primarily based gadget in 2015. WGU college students have issued an external webcam that they’re required to use in place of their laptops’ built-in cameras. The cameras meet precise dimensions and specs, enabling proctors to screen check-takers, confirm their identities, and make sure they’re now not cheating.

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“We accept as true with the external webcam gives us the first-rate view of the testing environment,” O’Brien stated. “First, the proctor greets the student. Then, they do a 360-degree scan of the surroundings, so the students can’t have notes published up at the wall.” The digital camera’s audio is also essential in the prevention of cheating. Proctors can concentrate on what is going on in the check-takers surroundings and ensure that the pupil doesn’t have an off-screen companion telling them the solutions. “The proctor can listen to what’s occurring inside the room,” O’Brien said. “If there’s some disturbance or anything, the proctor can always halt the exam and inquire with the pupil or do an extra test.”

Stress-Free Studies

Authentication precautions like these may also lead to more cozy assessments. However, they can also make already demanding situations even extra taxing. “We don’t want it to be intrusive or traumatic,” O’Brien stated. “We’re continual… [making] certain that it’s a continuing and exceptional revel in for the students. As exceptional as it may be, besides, because they’re honestly vulnerable while they’re being tested.” WGU’s Take a Break program, which earned a Nonprofit Innovation Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association, reduces stress on students by permitting them to take one 10-minute wreck every hour without compromising safety. Students in want of a ruin click a button that indicators the proctor, which blocks admission to the examination for the following 10 mins and stops them from getting access to questions they already spoke back or skipped. “You can’t burst off, take a ruin, take a look at, pass back and solution a question,” O’Brien explained. “[The program] at the start got here out of an accessibility requirement. However, all of our college students gain from it.”

Verification Through Stylometry

WGU is asking into some of the technologies to verify use, a priority for the university easily. Facial and voice reputation would go a protracted way closer to seamless verification strategies, but O’Brien believes the final intention is verification through the check materials. Some form of stylometry evaluation might be suitable – for you to recognize that, yes, that is completely constant with how this student has been writing,” O’Brien said. “Obviously, you will count on with the aid of the stop in their diploma program they could be progressed from how they started. However, there could be nevertheless a positive primary style that you could say, yes, that’s honestly them.”

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