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While overseas universities are welcoming of price-paying undergraduate college students, they’re a bit cautious of graduate candidates because they understand you’re going there with the only motive of finding an activity and settling down. In your case, it’s far even more evident, given that you’ve got already done your MBA. If you had accomplished an MS, I would have encouraged an MBA.

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To pursue an MS now appears pointless, and so is a second MBA. If you are curious about a Ph.D., this is a choice. You would have to put together a studies proposal and method numerous universities and persuade them to accept you. Alternately practice for MS in investment banking or comparable regions. You don’t qualify for an MBA admission inside the US, considering they all require at least three years of painting experience. Generally, the prices for a grasp’s program in one of the US’s high-ranked universities is around 60000 to 70000 USD in line with yr. As far as your issues approximately OPT cross, all F1 students are eligible for elective practical training in the course of or following the program of examination. OPT is a shape of brief employment that immediately pertains to the application of observing. Active F-1 college students may additionally follow for on-campus jobs as much as 30 days earlier than the start of classes.

Dear Madam,
My daughter has handed her II PUC in science (PCME) with 70%. She wants to pursue the Aircraft protection engineering route (AME). I would like to realize the information of this course, scope, nature of work, income shape, how is that this one of a kind from different engineering publications and are there any assessments? If sure, how to rating properly?

Prashanth K

Dear Parent,
Ideally, your daughter must pursue Mechanical engineering after her PUC. She has to then move directly to a specialization in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Employment opportunities would be in plane manufacturing organizations, flying colleges, private airways, countrywide airways, international airlines, DRDO, and plane manufacturing industries. AME via itself is a licensing examination. It is neither a diploma or a degree. Entry requirements for AME aren’t always as high as access necessities for an engineering degree. I would say it’s miles better to first observe Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering in preference to pursue an AME.

Dear Madam,
I just completed my II PUC in PCMB. I am interested in Biotechnology. Please manual me on how I can pursue a profession in Biotechnology. Does it have an excellent scope overseas?

Siddharth Prasad

Dear Siddharth,
Biotechnology is a trendy subject with an extensive scope. Now which you have finished your PUC, you can either pursue BSc or BTech in Biotechnology. MSc inside the UK or New Zealand is for three hundred and sixty-five days, but MS programs inside the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore are curious about a length of two years.
Most human beings with a heritage in Biotechnology move on to work in a laboratory putting. This can either be in authorities, academia, or the private region. You can work in bioresearch facilities, analytical labs, commercial biotechnology items and offerings manufacturing, or plant nurseries. You can carry out studies on the development of pharmaceuticals, forensic probes, or unique biochemicals and biofuels. Biotechnologists also work in hospitals with medical doctors in diverse departments and oncology, infectious sicknesses, and cardiology.
There they paintings with other researchers to locate treatment options for a ramification of illnesses using gene therapy or cloning. Likewise, work is to be had in the industrial industry, such as meal technology, wine generation, environmental remediation, and agriculture. One can paintings within the lab or the field, trying out new products.
Dear Madam,

I have completed my BE diploma in Mechanical engineering, and I am curious about doing my MS degree in Automobile engineering in Germany. Can you tell me how and when I can practice with Germany’s faculties and what their requirements are? I have a low CGPA. Will it be trouble to move into a high college? Also, where else can I observe as an alternative?

Saawan Hegde

Dear Saawan,
Germany has intakes. Winter semester, which typically starts offevolved around mid-October, and Summer Semester, which starts around mid-April. You need to follow Winter consumption earlier than July 15th and for Summer intake before January 15th. You want your high school transcripts, BE transcripts and degree certificate, GRE rankings, Toefl / IELTS / PTE scores, an announcement of motive, resume, and three letters of advice. If you’ve got executed a German language course, that would be a brought gain. A low CGPA will be a hassle at any appropriate university. I don’t recognize what you imply by low. Some universities provide pathway programs for students who don’t meet the access necessities.

Dear Madam,
I am in my third yr of Mechanical Engineering, and I want to pursue an MBA later. I’m also taking GRE checks this 12 months. Is it a terrific preference to take up MBA? And what other entrance assessments do I want to make for an excellent scholarship? And which united states could you choose for an MBA program?

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