FFXIV Shadowbringers New Jobs: Gunbreaker And Dancer Guide And Quest Location

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is now to be had for people who pre-ordered it, and within this third expansion for Square Enix’s MMORPG are modern-day Jobs (or instructions). Dancer falls into the Ranged DPS position, throwing bladed chakrams to assault and the usage of rhythmic steps to offer buffs. On the alternative hand, Gunbreaker is the brand new Tank and wields a gunblade (al. A. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII) to put down damage while taking hits for the crew. You can see each instruction in movement throughout their Job quests inside the video above.

Dancer Guide
Both Dancer and Gunbreaker require players to have a minimum of another Job/Class (Disciple of War or Magic) at degree 60 before taking over the brand new Jobs. There are a few critical modifications that come together with Shadowbringers and the 5. Zero replace–just like removing TP, price movements, and the better level cap–and you can check out our breakdown of the most critical adjustments in Shadowbringers. You also can get the overall rundown of what’s new within the 5. Zero patch, or see a preview run of a brand new dungeon known as Dohn Meg.
To Find The Dancer Quest And How To Fight The quest to free up Dancer is referred to as “Shall We Dance,” and positioned in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks near the principal plaza Aetheryte–the coordinates are X: nine. Eight, Y: 12.Zero. After looking at a few scenes, you’ll be given your starting weapon and a chest to open containing your new equipment.

Dancers largely depend upon possibilities for their stronger attacks (known as procs). Two basic attacks Cascade and Fountain, have a 50% risk of commencing extra powerful variations called Reverse Cascade and Fountain all–use those while you could. You then have a 50% threat to construct your Fourfold Feather gauge, which offers you entry to the Fan Dance movements (these are assaults you can use freely outdoor of cooldown). Windmill and Blade’s attacks showed the AOE equivalents that can open up the stronger Rising Windmill and Bloodshower. The other mechanic to the word is the rhythmic Standard Step–activating this could turn your attacks into button prompts to whole a series. After two successful steps, you’ll get a 60-2nd harm buff (just like how Ninjas cast Hutton thru Ninjutsu to increase their attack speed).

The fundamental challenge for the extent 60 Job quest is within the very last fight. You’ll want to be extra cautious when whirlwinds are solid across the area–avoid these at all cost. This is specifically risky while the enemy casts their auto-lock column attack, which you cannot break out; if you’re hit even as standing in a whirlwind, you’ll die straight away. Where To Find The Gunbreaker Quest And How To Fight. The quest to unlock Gunbreaker is known as “The Makings Of A Gunbreaker,” and it’s determined in New Gridania near the Aetheryte–the coordinates are X: 11.5, Y: eleven.9. It’ll take you to Hawthorne Hut and round for clean combat, then you will get your gear chest and weapon. Like all Tanks, Gunbreaker makes a specialty of pulling enmity (or aggro). It will likely be vital to have the potential Royal Guard lively–to tug extra enmity, you have got Provoke, and to divert it when you’re in problem, you have got Shirk.

Gunbreaker’s fundamental attack rotation is quite a laugh to execute, and it mainly goes like this: Keen Edge, Brutal Shell, Solid Barrel, then advantage one cartridge to your Powder Gauge. With merely one round, you could pass into a more fabulous powerful blend: Gnashing Fang, Savage Claw, Wicked Talon–those moves are also a concern to cool down, so they are not available, use the robust standalone attack Burst Strike. And don’t forget that the Danger Zone attack lives on its cooldown; use it when you can. You also have a two-element AOE combination of Demon Slice and Demon Slaughter, which may be very powerful against businesses of three or higher enemies. This combination generates a cartridge for the Powder Gauge in only two assaults, making Gunbreaker even greater power as a harm-provider. Buffs like Rampart, Nebula, and Reprisal assist stave off harm taken even as No Mercy boosts your attack electricity for a short duration. There is plenty of more information to parse on the way to end up the best Dancer or Gunbreaker, but those are the fundamentals to assist get you started. Note that those hints are based totally on the Jobs as they are at level 60.

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