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Fashion Line THE GREAT Founders Share Their Best Tips for Working With Your Gal Pal

Going into business with a pal may be an amusing way for two close pals to leverage their passions and entrepreneurial spirit into developing a dream profession. But are there greater demanding situations while working along with a gal pal? Are you more apt to combat inside the place of job or disagree over company decisions? And will transitioning from appropriate pals into enterprise companions change the dynamic of the connection? While those sorts of situations can get up, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful business partners with a friend. Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are cases in point of that.

Fashion Line

The duo, who bonded in college over their mutual fashion flavor, went into enterprise together in 2008, subsequently growing popular “boyfriend” fashion jeans. In 2012, they started taking part in home layout, presenting strains together with Emily + Meritt for Pottery Barn. Current and Elliott additionally run the ladies’ apparel line, THE GREAT, have transitioned into a crafting Emily + Meritt friendship-themed knits and accessories and were answerable for spearheading the Los Angeles release of the Female Founder Collective, Rebecca Minkoff’s girls-run business community. We caught up with the hit girl bosses, who have worked together for nearly two decades, to get their recommendations on how to pass into the business along with your pal:

How did you two determine to work together?

Emily: Meritt and I met at UCLA in college, and we bonded over a love of antique. While all people were carrying tight jeans and bedazzled shirts, we have been sporting Levi’s and overalls and flannel shirts. We’re each from California, and we just bonded over style. And we ended up going to vintage stores together all of the time and becoming pals that might shop collectively and honestly began to recognize that we’ve got a shared factor of style view. And we had always been looking for equal things. We were given seated together at graduation by happenstance. And we had been like, “We have to do something together in the future. We have such remarkable shared pursuits. But permit’s go off and notice what occurs.”

And after a year or so of Meritt exploring editorial and I changed into visual vending, we commenced a styling portfolio with photographers and building out a styling ebook. And we created this aesthetic for ourselves that turned into a mixing style from the runway like each person else but with this vintage residue. We discovered matters that truly gave every appearance a persona and personal style. We began customizing lots of vintage denim for our clients via that system, and we inevitably fell in love with re-reducing vintage. As we moved from styling after many years into consulting and working with fashion brands and labels, we commenced knowing that this denim concept that we had been craving wasn’t within the market. So we got down to construct a denim line, which is named after us.

We created the boyfriend jean and did a whole lot of extraordinary distinct silhouettes that have been vintage-inspired at the time. And after approximately six years, that company offered private fairness. We exited, and we have been capable of beginning THE GREAT, which become what we’ve been dreaming approximately for so long, which is a multi-class brand that carries no longer best the denim and tomboy aesthetics that we adore, but also with feminine pieces and vintage-Victorian inspired portions and constructing collectively the dresser that’s each excessive and coffee masculine and feminine, girly and secure all together. We create garments for actual existence. Emily & Meritt’s Tips for Going into Business with Your Friend:

Get on the same web page:

Meritt: I assume big photo and on a more critical note is to make sure that your ethical compass, great viewpoint on life, is all aligned. You kind of feel that about a chum. That’s how you come to be friends, proper? So when you’re clear on that, you proportion the same kind of painting ethic and integrity and feel of loyalty, and you realize those matters are in taking a look at. Emily: I suppose the fact that Meritt and I are fiercely unswerving has honestly encouraged how lengthy we’ve been capable of being enterprise companions, which is nearly two decades. There’s this concept of you’re there for every other. It’s like a wedding. So loyalty is key.

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