Distance Learning

All varsities can now offer open mastering

This has been endorsed through the Kasturirangan committee report, Draft National Education Policy, 2019. It states that “All styles of establishments may additionally run ODL programmes, provided they may be specially authorized to accomplish that so that it will enhance their offerings, improve get right of entry to, growth Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), and provide expanded opportunities for lifelong getting to know.”
The policy states that each one ODL programmes (and their additives) main to any degree or degree may be of equivalent widespread to the best high-quality applications run via the HEIs on their campus.
The draft also policy states, “To ensure that excessive quality ODLs are evolved and brought, HEIs will use their first-class school and could invest in ok centres and support group of workers. HEIs may also use the satisfactory feasible materials, sources, and internet-primarily based structures to be had at some stage in the sector and not continue to be restricted to their resources.”
A senior authentic from Ministry of Human Resource Development stated, “All Type 1 and Type 2 establishments can use their existing programmes of excessive fine to expand ODL programmes with comparable learning goals. These institutions may also provide programmes completely in the ODL mode – handiest while equivalent well-known of in-elegance programmes on the organization can be ensured.”
The coverage, in addition, says that the Type three establishments also can offer ODL, based on receiving appropriate accreditation for the same.
A senior respectable from the State’s Department of Higher Education stated, “The fine of ODL programmes might be measured by their effectiveness in handing over getting to know consequences relative to the first-rate in-elegance programmes of a comparable nature throughout HEIs.”
However, the policy states that every one establishment presently presenting publications and programmes in ODL mode will need to develop and standardise programmes primarily based on national as well as local desires. Norms, requirements and tips for systemic improvement, law, and accreditation of ODL may be prepared by way of National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA) and could be recommended to all HEIs. It is usually recommended that all institutions ought to begin an internal nomination and evaluate a mechanism for the development and supplying of ODL publications and programmes.
A senior member from the higher education council, however, said, “We envision that ODL ought to play a large role in increasing GER to 50%. Innovation and enlargement of ODL ought to be encouraged, even as making sure satisfactory.”

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